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Mary Taylor 2018 Jean Marc Barthez Bordeaux Rouge

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The world’s most famous wine region, Bordeaux has been popularly defined by the luxury stereotypes of its exclusive “first growth” châteaux, which produce some of today’s most highly coveted (and prohibitively expensive) wines. But beyond this façade of wealth, there lies an “alternative” Bordeaux— one populated by the small independent estates that line the banks of the Garonne and the Dordogne rivers. This is the Bordeaux to which winemaker Jean Marc Barthez belongs.

This delicious easy drinking red blend is a signature blend of 50% Merlot with equal parts Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, even at its modest price point it possesses much of the dark-fruited complexity that made Bordeaux famous in the first place but rendered in a brighter, more refreshing frame. This wonderful “drinkability” is highlighted by the absence of oak during the aging process, which allows a bursting acidity and graphite minerality (imagine the lead of fresh pencil shavings) to shine through on the palate. A delicious drinking, classed red blend at a stellar price only Bordeaux AOC could provide.