NV Original Choya Sparkling Umeshu, Japan

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Choya Original Sparkling Umeshu Fruit Wine is a Japanese drink made from premium ume fruit, a fruit similar to a plum and apricot, and sugar cane spirit.

A balance of sparkling wine and the tart taste of ume fruit with notes of citrus and white peach. Refreshing and smooth taste with delightful aroma of premium Ume fruit. Taps into the current trend of low alcohol volume and perfect for any occasions.

The Ume fruit is rich in historical tradition within Japan. Homemade Umeshu was a staple in households centuries ago, and CHOYA carries that tradition into the present and future. Proprietary aging and blending techniques unique to CHOYA creates the highest quality Ume for Umeshu. 

Umeshu is a Japanese liqueur made from Ume fruit. The three key ingredients in Umeshu are: Ume, cane spirits, and sugar using 100% of Japanese premium Nanko Ume.

Umeshu and Plum Wine are not the same because of the way they are produced. It is a common misconception that they are the same but Umeshu, unlike wines, goes through a production process called steeping and has a base of cane spirits.