2022 Kumusha Pinotage Swartland, Western Cape, SA

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These phenomenal wines are made by world renowned sommelier Tinashe Nyamudoka, Kumusha is his brand.

Taking great care to gently extract the delicious purple fruit characteristics of the grapes, this minimal intervention wine explodes with layers to excite the senses. Full of depth and balance; delicious aromas reminiscent of dark cherries and mulberries on the nose. Hinting of ripe plums and baking spice on the palate with dance of coffee and a savory finish. It’s a lush and delicious, uniquely South African wine.

Kumusha is owned and operated by Tinashe Nyamudoka, one of South Africa’s most impressive, award-winning winemakers, whose explosive career in the South African hospitality scene ultimately led him to create his own brand. "Kumusha" is a Shona word meaning "your home," "your roots," or "your origin" and is a callback to his home country of Zimbabwe. In addition to Kumusha, Tinashe is an executive board member of the Black Cellar Club (BLACC), a non-profit organization that works to support black winemakers and sommeliers across the globe.

Tinashe Nyamudoka believes the best wines are representative of their region. Through a collaborative process with respect to the vine, the winemaker, and the consumer, Tinashe is building a brand of wines that represent and honor your roots. Using a minimal intervention approach and natural fermentation, Tinashe's aim is to let the wine be free to do the talking of its origin and to provide a model for Black wine entrepreneurs to follow.