2021 Barbi Orvieto Classico Abboccato DOC, Umbria, Italy

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This delightfully full flavored, yet lightly styled wine is an eye catching shimmer of pale straw and yellow. The refined aromas are elegant and fragrant of soft citrus and pear with a slight minerality to it, likely attributed to the marine soils. It is has a harmonious taste, a subtle medium/off-dry sweetness and supple feel on the tongue. Ripe apples, juicy peach and a hint of spritzy acidity are nicely balanced, leaving a nuance clean refreshing finish, like the seashore in October. 

Here is your new breakfast and lunch wine, with omelettes or warm, cozy soups. You're welcome!

In 1932 Enzo Barbi founded the winery in the tradition of his family. Since the very beginning he searched for quality, and within a short period of time the brand became renowned and well established. The company’s production philosophy leans towards the use of indigenous varietals of central Italy. Primarily they use autoctonous varietals but wisely increasing the ones they believe to be the “noblest” such as Grechetto or special clones of Procanico. They greatly value Vermentino too. International varietals are used to a very limited extent.

They tend to keep to the grape growing and wine making traditions which made Orvieto wines renowned, but with the assistance of improved modern techniques aimed at the highest quality level. But once again passion alone can allow you to turn great grapes into great wines!

Vineyards are on the top of a hill, at a height of about 300 mt above sea level, in an area called “ I Poggi di Baschi,” well known for producing great wines.

40% Grechetto, 30% Procanico, 20% Drupeggio & Malvasia, 10% Vermentino