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Sip & Celebrate: Juneteenth Wine Double Pack

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Celebrate Juneteenth with this dynamic wine pack that embodies the essence of tradition and innovation in every sip.

Transport yourself to the vibrant vineyards of Umpqua Valley with our bold Spanish-style blend, featuring 80% Tempranillo and 20% Grenache. This luscious wine boasts rich dark fruit flavors, balanced acidity, and firm tannins that will captivate your palate. Paired with our 2021 Lodi Pinot Grigio, a refreshing white wine with notes of nectarines, pears, and green apples, this duo offers a unique tasting experience that will leave a lasting impression on your discerning wine collection. 

Meet The Winemakers

Marilyn and Dexter Meadows - Dexter and Marilyn Meadows are looking for a new adventure after retirement, and Dexter’s love of the land leads them to MarshAnne Landing. From Southern California by way of Tuskegee, Alabama, they are excited to see where this new adventure leads them. Today, as Meadows Estates Vineyard and Winery takes possession from MarshAnne Landing it has expanded to 17 acres of vines.

Dr. LaToya Thompson— Dr. Thompson founded this brand because of her love for great wine and the luxury experience. Wine, the great connector, has afforded her the opportunity to connect with so many amazing people, and she desires that Opulence Wines will continue to connect ALL!

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