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Importer's Corner Selection - 2022 Silver MYn Rose', Banghoek Valley, South Africa

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The Zorgvliet Estate is in Banghoek Valley, a small subregion just 4 miles outside of Stellenbosh, is historically home to dense forest, dangerously steep land, lions, leopards and other wild animals. Apparently you still find leopards in these surrounding mountains today. 

Zorgvliet, pronounced ‘Sorg-fleet’ translates to ‘no worries.’ Grapes are grown on the steep slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain in vineyards that are among the highest in Stellenbosch. Where did Zorgvliet get the name Silver Myn? In 1740 Frans Diederik Muller claims to have discovered silver, copper and even gold between the two big rocks in the Simonsberg Mountains. Yet no silver was found after 5 years of searching, and Muller was sent home as an imposter. Who knows what other mysteries and secrets lie in the Banghoek Valley?

The aroma is a mixture of fresh red fruit. The wine is crisp on the palate but develops roundness with an explosion of red berry flavors on the finish. A delicate and dry rosé to accompany you on hot summer days.

100% Cabernet Franc


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