2023 Official Wine Holidays

Hi (again)! 

We decided why not share the 2023 Official Wine Holidays with our family. Let’s be honest, we don’t need an excuse to drink wine... in moderation of course.  

These are real national holidays. We recognized all major and minor dates. Nothing was insignificant.  If it is a grape, we acknowledge its holiday.  Some holidays may appear more than once. We celebrate national and international holidays. 

Not to worry if you are observing Dry-January. You can maintain your New Year’s resolution to drink less. No wine holidays are celebrated in January.  This will allow you to build up stamina for the rest of the year. 



1 International Furmint Day  

5 National Rosè Day (Australia + New Zealand)  

16 International Syrah Day 

 18 Global Drink Wine Day 

 25 Open That Bottle Night  




03 Mulled Wine Day 

  13 Riesling Day 




14 Tannat Day  

17 International Malbec Day 

 27 World Marselan Day 

28 International Viognier Day 




 05 International Sauvignon Blanc 

  09 World Moscato Day 

  16 National Mimosa Day 

  17 Pinot Grigio Day 

  25 National Wine Day (USA) 

  25 International Chardonnay 




  16 International Drink Chenin Blanc Day 

  21 World Lambrusco Day 

23 International Rosè Day 




25 International Cava Day 

  27 Shiraz Day 




1 International Albariño Day 

 04 National White Wine Day 

 18 International Pinot Noir Day 

 28 International Cabernet Day 




 01 International Cap Classique Day 

 01 National Chianti Day 

09 International Box Wine Day 

 15 International Grenache Day 




05 Vranec World Day 

06 National Orange Wine Day 

14 International Prokupac Day 

14 International Pinotage Day 

 15 International Champagne Day 

22 Austrian Sekt (Sparkling) Day  

28 Carignan Day 

27 Champagne Day 




 01 International Xinomavro Day 

 07 International Merlot Day 

 09 International Tempranillo 

 12 Wine Tourism Day 

 15 Zinfandel Day 

 16 Beaujolais  Nouveau Day 

  24 International Carmenere Day 




 01 International Maratheftiko Day 

  04 Cabernet Franc Day 

  10 International Tokaj Aszu Day 

  16 Pinot Meunier Day 

  20 Sangria Day 



What holidays are you looking forward to! Make sure to engage and let us know on our social media pages-- Facebook and Instagram :)

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