31 Days of Rosé

August is Rosé month. Can you believe it? The wine gods dedicated a whole month, a whole 31 days, a whole 744 hours of enjoying Rosé. When something this monumental occurs, you have to embrace it. Vino 301 embraced it full wine glasses and all.  

For 31 days, we tried a different Rosé. We sipped Rosé from all over the globe. We tasted pink delights from Greece, Italy, Argentina, France, South Africa, California, New York, and of course, Maryland, to name a few regions. We explored multiple styles… sparkling, dry, off-dry, natural, and vegan. We even tried canned wine. The only thing we did not try is boxed wine. Maybe next year.



  1. All Rosés are not red fruit and tart. Some wines have spicy flavors and citrus notes. Running Hare’s wine is the best example of a non-traditional Rosé. The region and grape really influence the flavors and aromas.

  2. Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Syrah are the preferred grapes winemakers used for their pink greatness regardless of region.

  3. Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles!!! Sparkling Rosé is, hands down is the best way to enjoy Rosé. Our personal favorite is Jacqueline Leone Cellars Rosé. It is not a high-end wine. It is less than $20 a bottle but can stand up to a premier sparkling wine. It is excellent to pair with food or drink by itself. We could drink it every day.

  4. Presentation is everything. We fell in love with Gerard Bertrand Rosé at first sight from top to bottom of the bottle. A glass cork seals the wine. The bottle is designed to resemble a rose. The bottle bottom is an impression of a rose. When you pop the cork, the wine is a sheer delight. 

  5. Sipping for charity. La Fête du Rosé and One Hope donate a portion of their proceeds to charity. 

  6. Diversity in our glass. We tried many Black Winemakers, like Abbey Creek Vineyard, Sip & Share Wines, PJ Harrell Vineyard, Doornkraal Vineyards, McBride Sisters Collection,Okapi Wines and La Fête du Rosé.

Vino 301 documented our journey on our Vino 301 Instagram page. We put together a pictorial collection of our exploration just if you missed our 31 Days of Rosé.

Did we try any of your favorite Rosé? Let us know your favorite Rosé. Post your comments in the chat session.

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