Aren't All Wine Vegan? Maybe Not

Happy Wellness Wednesday!  It is not my intention to wine shame.  All wines are good.  I LOVE wine. I love all wine, well not Sauvignon Blanc as much, but I love other wines.  It is your preference as to what wine you select: traditional, natural, organic, or vegan wine. Understanding the differences, you will help you with making your selection. Let's focus on vegan wines. 

Animal protein is used in many wines making your wine non-vegan. 

When is a protein used?
An animal protein is used to finish a wine.  "To finish a wine" is to stabilize the wines, soften a harsh or astringent character, or improve clarity. The traditional fining agents that can make a wine unsuitable for vegans. "Egg whites or casein (a protein found in milk) can be used to remove tiny particles of sediment in a wine that cannot be removed by filtration," according to Decanter Magazine. 

What makes a wine vegan?
Wines made without animal products are vegan wine. There two ways a vegan wine is made (1) the winemaker permits the particles to sink naturally to the bottom of the wine, or  (2) non-animal fining products are used.  A form of clay or pea protein is used instead. 

Wine producers are not required to include finishing elements on the label. However, some producers publish a V on the wine label to indicate a Vegan wine.  


By no means am I an expert on vegan wines.  I save that for Nicole Kearny Winemaker, and Founder from Sip & Share Wines. Sip & Share makes artisan vegan wines.  Nicole is our final Wellness Wednesday speaker.  Interested in trying Vegan wines or learning more about this dynamic winemaker, join us on September 30.

Vegan Wines Tasting is on September 30, 2020 at 6:30 pm on Zoom.

You can sip along during our discussion. Your wine kit includes four individual tastings.(4 single serves of 5 oz/ 1 glass of wine) You will purchase your wine directly from Sip & Share


It's a 2 Step Registration


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Step 2: Purchase your wine with Sip & Share 

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