Don't be the last-minute card giver this year

Don't be the last-minute card giver this year

You know the person that stops at the store before they arriving at the gathering? Yeah, don’t be that person this year. Let’s plan ahead of time and put thought into gift giving this year. The history of gift giving has been around forever, and it’s always been a sign of exchange between people. Whether it be to assert yourself or provide affection and endearment through physical exchanges, the idea of thought and consideration stands out to the receiver. You may not be the grandest gift giver, but it means a lot more to be more thoughtful. Some of the most thoughtful gifts come with a little extra help too and we’ve helped out by adding a few coupons to our site. Consider us thoughtful :)

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There’s a beautiful fall collection that has some of our personal favorites. You could shop for drinks this holiday season, or even grab some swag merch. From aprons and t-shirts, to mugs, wine chillers and stoppers. Picky person to buy gifts for? No worries! We have gift cards available. A gift card may seem small and not the most thoughtful, but it is the most considerate. If you want to take it a step further, you could always purchase a year long subscription for a loved one. 

There’s also a section for our upcoming events. Buy tickets to our in-person gatherings for a loved one. We’re always looking for new additions to the family, and we’d love to leave a seat open for you at the table. We’d even love to see you as a subscription holder so hinting around this holiday season for a surprise subscription is always a yay in our book. Genuinely don’t know what you want? How about drafting your list for Santa early this year? You don’t want to miss him if he’s busy. A little reminder won’t hurt, we promise.  

As always, remember to live in the moment. Gift giving is important, but so is the love attached to it. Spread cheer and your wrapped gifts under the tree this year. 

With love, 

The Wine People 

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