First Wine, Now Let the Holidays Begin!

 The thought of the holidays can be overwhelming for many. The holidays should be enjoyed. The Wine Concierge wants you to “Live in the Moment” this year. We are your partner in helping you manage the season. This holiday season, we’re focusing on you. Prioritizing you!

Covid threw us all off track for the past two years, but this holiday season, you will be surrounded by loved ones who are part of the reason you are who you are today. Enjoy the holiday spirit with a nice glass of wine and some healthy tricks to manage this holiday season. Establish a plan to make it through the entire season Don’t know how? We have come up with a few tricks here at The Wine Concierge just for you!

“Don’t touch that please” means just that. Set your boundaries! You are no good to your loved ones if you’re at your wits end or feeling worn out, exhausted. Make sure everyone is having a great time, but that also includes yourself. Self-care extends beyond the spa, and it starts with you.

Prep. Have a plan and stick to it. Go over your game plan again the night before. Is dinner prepped? Are the ids happy? Did the outfit they set out match the cold season, or are they still, mentally, in the summertime? Is your partner’s midday snack ready? You don’t want them in the pot this time around. Is your work phone off? Are the wine bottles bought? All these things could make or break your peace. So, try to beat the buzzer this season!

Pace yourself. Take breaks. There’s no harm in hiding out somewhere for a little while to recollect yourself. Do yourself a BIG favor by understanding your triggers and breaking points this holiday season. Recognizing triggers, big or small, protects your peace and energy. It also makes you stronger and help you in EVERY season!

Know your limits. The goal is to make it through the holiday season and not just the holiday itself. Feel uncomfortable? Ignored? Triggered? Remove yourself and preserve your energy. You deserve to enjoy this season in every way! Allow yourself to be assertive and direct when establishing, again, those boundaries and non- negotiables.

Treat yourself. Of course, we recommend having a glass of your favorite wine. However, if wine isn’t your thing do something to treat yourself. The holidays are meant to be enjoyed and to give thanks. Be thankful for you and do something that puts a smile on your face. A smile a day keeps the rain away.

Have fun! We understand that you have to serve and work and refill grandpa’s glass. However, you also deserve some fun and holiday cheer. This holiday, smile at yourself more and bask in everything jolly! It’s rightfully yours (just like the wine that’s been calling your name all night).

This holiday season, remember: live in the moment. Cherish the moments!

Happy holidays from The Wine Concierge

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