How to be the Beyonce of holiday hosting

Hosting doesn’t have to look like being spread thin or overexerting yourself. This holiday season, we are encouraging you to simply live in the moment and enjoy things as they come. No need to pressure yourself to the biggest and the best when all that you already do speaks volumes. That’s what makes you the Beyonce of hosting. Set an example by being present and engaged during the season of giving.  

Giving includes allowing yourself grace when you need it—taking necessary breaks. Plan accordingly and practice being selfless, and selfish, when necessary. As Beyonce says, "you don’t have to prove anything to anyone." Just focus on you and it all will fall into place. Give yourself permission to be without the additional stress and triggers. This holiday is just as much of yours as it is those that you’re hosting this year.

You can’t predict the future.  You can’t predict how your family will act or treat each other, but you can predict which version of yourself that you’re willing to give this season. You can predict the value and impact of the atmosphere that you will create this season. For that very reason, breathe and focus on the things that you can control.  

We’ve created some additional pointers to help you out this holiday season.  

  • Create a plan and see it through. There's a number of things that have to be sorted out for the holidays, so why not plan ahead of time? Picking a menu and ordering your wines (from our lovely selection of course because you know... holiday sales) ahead of time to reduce the stress. Making sure the air freshener is sitting on the mantelpiece just in case Cousin Tony takes his shoes off, too, is planning ahead and it's just as important. Maybe even labeling everything to make it easier on you and your guests to be served, and even easier for someone to give back by helping out the host(ess). Being proactive will be your saving grace this season. By planning early and taking initiative will allow you to live in the moment, and enjoy the love between you and your loved ones.
  • Rest is not for the wicked. If you feel overwhelmed, you’re no good to your guests. Take a minute. Grab your favorite aunt or cousin, or even mom or dad, and destress a little before going back and tending to your guests. This may seem redundant, but reiteration is a success factor. The most important values and lessons are just retaught information that is presented in different ways. Use those ways to navigate your emotions and triggers. What we don’t want is a meltdown in front of the family, ultimately creating a spoiler of joy because after all this is the season of gratitude and giving.  
  • Love conquers all. This is a cliché saying, but your love for others and self will carry you through the season—even into the New Year. Take this love and magnify it for yourself and your loved ones. Everyone will see and fill it which inevitably pours back into your cup. Remember why you're able to do what you are and who you're doing it for. 

Just remember, you got this! Beyonce wasn't developed as the artist we know and love in one season. You will blossom and be the host of hosts in your circle. Again, learn to live in the moment. 

With love, 

The Wine People 

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