New year, more focused you

2023 is right around the corner and it’s time to recharge. Not only is it time to recharge, but it’s time to be more focused on you. This year was heavy and it’s no service to you to carry that weight into the next year. So, while living in the moment, reflect on what this year has taught you. Reflect on what you’ve learned and how it’s made you feel. Unpack the important things that impact you or constantly cross your mind. Usually, that’s your body telling you something—listen to it. Listen to all the hiccups and obstacles the year has thrown your way. 

Be present as well. Unpacking and regaining focus doesn’t necessarily have to begin and end at your trials and tribulations. It begins with your accomplishments and protecting them. Acknowledging those accomplishments is critically important and it’s just as valuable to your growth. A wise man once said, success is rewarded to those that believe they deserve it. You deserve it and this is the perfect time to recognize that. Even when it doesn’t feel like it, you still need to remember that you are worthy of whatever goodness is left in the world.  

Understanding the value in yourself takes you further any dream. Recognizing that the world will try to defer a dream that it cannot see or comprehend because they’re not behind your eyes will only impact you if you let it. Hence, why it’s so paramount to remember that even when the world is so chaotic around you, even when you have to close your eyes and lay down, you have to still see the vision. You need to see the end result; even when you don’t how to get there. This is, again, why recharging matters. It’s why unpacking is so important. 

With the new year arriving, it’s also valuable to your growth if you ignore what those around you are doing. Focusing on someone else’s plate forces you to deprive yourself of the richness and nutrients on your own. Go into the New Year with the expectation to work on maximizing the goodness that you already have within you. You owe it to yourself, just like you owe it to yourself to pay attention to the now and attack it head on. Use your imagination and create a reality based on the now. The now may affect your future, but it doesn’t necessarily dictate it and you’re deserving of a future that’ll make you look back and truly appreciate the now.  

Be honest, be transparent in every moment you get. You owe it to yourself to not censor the important things too, especially your boundaries. Start caring about yourself out loud. Don’t be shy about it. Being shy about what you truly desire, and need allows people to be bold about crossing your boundaries. The only way that happens is if in some way you believe that it’s what you deserve or “need” to grow. Often, we hear, “if it’s for it’s worth fighting for,” but that only applies after you’ve received the greatness that you were deserving of. Believe in yourself because doing that models how others should do it. That’s what you deserve and it’s what you should going into 2023 practicing. It’s a new year. Focus more on the now, and you. 

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