Seafood Salad and Apple Turnovers with Chef Jamie

The Wine Concierge prepared seafood salad and apple turnovers with Chef Jamie G on March 31 Wine Lovers Wednesdays Facebook Live. The seafood salad and apple turnover are quick and simple recipes.  You probably have many of the ingredients at home and do not have to take a trip to the market. 
We paired our meal with Drunk Love Rose from 
Maison Noir Wines.  Do not limit your Rosé experience to fresh green salads and ham.  These pretty pink wines are as versatile as Chardonnays.  
Chef Jamie G shared several gems with us. Here are a few gems:
  • Make sure you season each ingredient before combining
  • Different types of seafood cook at varying temperatures and times.  If you are combining multiple types of seafood, like shrimp, scallops, and mussels, cook them separately and then mix them together. 
  • Squeeze a fresh lemon palm facing up to avoid the seeds falling into your dish.


If you thought those gems were impressive, hold on to your apron she shares more with us. You have to watch to learn more. 


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