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Welcome to The Wine Concierge community.  The Wine Concierge is the love child of Vino 301 Wine Concierge, Maryland's Wine Tours Experts.  The Wine Concierge was conceived from Vino 301 Wine Concierge's love of wine and desire to discover experiences beyond local wine. 


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Every bottle of wine has a story.  And, I believe every good story starts with a bottle of wine.  We want to tell The Wine Concierge's winemakers, vintners, and vineyard owner's stories.  Voices that are sometimes overlooked or not heard.  I invite you to discover their stories and learn about exciting wines. 

Welcome to a community of wine lovers that embrace rich histories, culture and story.  And in the meantime, hopefully, you will create your own story over a good bottle of wine. 

Share your story and unboxing photos on social media using the hashtag #TWCWineStories to be featured. 



Cheers my friend, 

Leslie Frelow

Owner & Chief Discovery Officer (CDO)

Leslie Frelow, Chief Discovery Officer

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