NV Flare Sparkling Moscato, Valencia D.O., Spain

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This wine is produced from Valencia’s viticultural star, Moscatel. However, unlike more traditional, fortified styles, this wine’s residual sugar is not due to fortification but to arrested fermentation. Fermented in stainless steel tanks, fermentation arrested by lowering temperature retaining natural sweetness. Sweet notes are quiet and soft, with more crisp steeliness shining through.

Carbonation is created through the Charmat method.

Pale straw. Fresh pear, melon and lychee aromas are brightened by white flowers and nutmeg. Frothy and deep in sweet tropical fruit flavors but nicely energized by mineral and spice qualities that carry into the finish. Serve this with fresh fruit as a mid-course or simple dessert.

Anecoop is one of the largest agricultural cooperatives in Spain. They work with citrus, melons, vegetables, and wine. They started marketing wine in 1986. This cooperative winery sources fruit from all of sub-regions Valencia and has two winemaking facilities in the D.O. They produce red, white, rose, sparkling and sweet wines.