Edible items are either pre-packaged or prepared for immediate customer consumption. These are specialty items specific to each customer. They may be purchased individually or as gifts, for virtual tastings, events or local deliveries. Any and all packaged or prepared edible goods, will be taxed within requirements of governing laws based upon order origin and destination. Edital Gourmet Goods may include candies, breads, spreads, fruits, nuts, meats, cheeses, cured or otherwise and may also be any one or combination of dry goods or cold food.

Edible Gourmet goods may be delivered or shipped, depending on type and packaged in specialty boxes, plates, with dry ice or other any other temperature controlled methods we fill will ensure safety, quality and integrity of products.

Some specialty gourmet items or perishables may be unavailable for delivery or shipment to a specific delivery zone. Please first confirm all information regarding any EDIBLE GOURMET FOOD ITEM, as these are custom perishable goods which will not be changeable, refunded or returned as a general rule and not without prior authorization. All Edible Gourmet Goods are charged at time of order verification, not initial requested order. A Wine Club COncierge will reach out to confirm specifics for your specialty items. It will then be charged as a regular order would be, a confirmation sent, prepared, shipped, delivered or available for pickup as specified.

We will never agree to ship an item which cannot be maintained in accordance with any health and/or food service safety guidelines and will not leave such packages at any door or delivery without a physical person to hand receive and sign for a perishable. 

Please ensure all perishable orders have a valid delivery or shipment address where someone will be home to take physical receipt on the day we coordinate. Delivery attempts will be made no more than twice in person within a limited number of hours (depending on your Edible Gourmet Goods). If we have been unable to reach someone in person for delivery after the second in-person attempt, we will call you to back to reschedule and a "2nd attempt" delivery fee will apply. If we do not hear back from you to re-deliver a scheduled order after the failed attempts, we will provide you a perishable goods window and a courtesy call to specify that you will have 24 hours from the time of originally scheduled delivery to notify us of other available times or your order will cancelled without further notice. You be charged and responsible for any charges already incurred. 

Once delivered, all items are then and therefore the responsibility of the purchaser/receiver and we no longer have responsibility for quality control or are liable for any damage seen, inspected or occuring during post receipt.

Local delivery fees are specified by region and all permissible state, county and local taxes to that will apply to the delivery fee.

 Always keep in mind when coordinating delivery of Edible Gourmet Goods that our goal is to provide you the order and promptly as possible to maintain freshness, quality and reduce any risk of issue. Your understanding and cooperation to ensure we do so is both necessary and appreciated, so we may give you our best products and services.