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A Matter of Taste - Personalized Virtual Wine Tasting Experience by The Wine Concierge

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Tasting fee purchase only. Read below for selection options.

Virtual Wine Tastings are $15.00 Per Person for approximately 1 hour, plus the cost of wine, per bottle.

You choose by adding A Virtual Tasting of 2 wine bottle selections or a A Virtual Tasting of 3 wine bottle selections to your cart. As well, we offer options to enhance your tasting experience with a choice of Fromage and Charcuterie Boards or pairings. Feel free to continue browsing our products to customize your tasting journey.

*Speak to your Wine Concierge about special requests and customizations.

Social - distancing. 

Those two words have given new meaning to an oxymoron and it's more than a feeling, but for us all, a new a way of life. We get it. So what can we really do with social distancing and what happens after? 

Distance won't restrict here the ways we'll find to share and enjoy with our family and friends, building new memories around the same comforts. The Wine Concierge professionals are here to bring you together! 

We want to enhance what many think of as "the same old wine tasting." The same old, same old...not here, no way! 

From here on and after, The Wine Concierge wants to remove the virtual stigma of wine and tasting as being part of social distancing and make it a part of anything considered fun. To make the most of our love for wine and share it with you in mind, we gave the old tasting routine a dust-off and refreshed the approach. With magic of live video chat, we will take you on a wine journey.  It should be so much more than just tasting. 

To Do This.....

We decided to focus on the personal part, rather than the virtual. By making "connecting with each other" the point and "the virtual" easy, our online wine tasting experience is...

Simple and fun. Memorable and purposeful. 

Our online events combine a love of wine and basic tasting methods with the individual industry knowledge and personal style of your Wine Concierge. Then by speaking with you to ensure the virtual tasting is reflective of the experience you are looking for, The Wine Concierge can create a fun, well rounded event to enhance your palates, indulge your senses and share as though we're all in the room together. It's really all about you. The wine and edibles are simply "A Matter of Taste".

There are many styles or types of online tasting. You may be wanting be a wine-only tasting, a wine instruction, a pairing with cheese or sweets, or even a special theme to celebrate with family and friends.....the options are there, just let us know.

*When you purchase a Virtual Wine Tasting with 2 or 3 Wines, be sure to select the quantity of tastings (per person count) Ex: a group of 8 are tasting 2 different wines - you add 8 virtual tasting ticket fees and 2 wines to the cart. 

*The per tasting ticket fee of $15 is the same no matter if you select 2 different wines or 3 different wines. You will be paying for the cost of your bottle selections, added after.

This is a basic tasting fee purchase. Your selection of a tasting date, specific wine/product, pairing or requests are confirmed in a follow-up call with a Wine Concierge to ensure a completely customized experience. 

We appreciate your understanding in an effort to provide you with a tasting reflective of your preference and style.

We will reach out shortly after notification of your purchase.