Dash™ 15" Bamboo Wine Picnic Table w/ Foldable Legs

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Enjoy the outdoors and a glass of wine at the same time without compromising your comfort. Three openings in the polished wood platform provide perches for two wine glasses and one standard-sized bottle, while an open expanse of space in the center leaves room for your choice of charcuterie and cheese. Topped off with two foldable legs for easy transport, this is one traveling table you won't want to leave behind. * Glasses & bottle not included. Material: High quality bamboo with food-safe finish, metal Capacity: Holds one bottle of wine and two wine glasses DIM: 15" L x 11" W Care: Hand wash True seamlessly combines functionality with sleek style, making it an impeccable choice for spring celebrations. Whether you’re celebrating a joyous graduation, a heartwarming wedding, a lively bachelorette party, or honoring Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, True’s offerings elevate everyday home use and transform it into a delightful experience.