Burgozone Via Istrum

2021 Burgozone Via Istrum, Marselan, Danubian Plain, Bulgaria

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Marselan isn't a variety you come across everyday. It is, in fact, a French crossing of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache and while you do see some in its home country, France, Burgozone were the first to plant it in Bulgaria. And a smashing job they've made of it! There's a complex array of dark fruit aromas that combine well with smoky, caramel hints. To complement the sumptuous fruit on the palate vanilla, cedar and chocolate all well coordinated with a soft, supple finish. 

Burgozone are one of the new generation of Bulgarian wineries with impeccable standards and top notch wine making expertise. Everything comes form their own vineyards which overlook the Danube just across the water from Romania. And to help with your bearings they're on the same latitude as Tuscany. By doing all the right things, sustainable farming and limiting yields for quality, they're on the right tracks when it comes to quality.

Viticulture in Bulgaria boasts a rich heritage dating back to ancient times, with traditions predating the formation of the Bulgarian state in 681 AD. The ancient Thracians, who inhabited these lands, revered wine as an integral part of their daily life and religious rituals, establishing what is considered the oldest European viticulture in Thrace some 5000 years ago. 

Sustainably farmed, woman owned, Emy & Biliana Marinova Winemakers/Owners bring forth 3 generations in the industry. In 2002 Chateau Burgozone began reviving the traditional area wine making, which was suspended during the prohibition in the 80’s in the Soviet Union, imposed by Gorbachov. For this purpose a unique terroir of 150 hecters has been selected at the southern bank of the Danube river, close to the port of Oryahovo over Esperanto island. During the centuries here it has given the best grape in the region. Apart from the own single vineyard, the complex includes a boutique cellar with the most modern equipment.