2021 Fifty Leven Petit Manseng, Two Principals Vineyard, Warrenton, VA

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Petit Manseng's thicker skin makes it a perfect white grape for Virginia's unpredictable climate. This popular varietal is giving major tropical vibes. The nose gives hints of tropical fruits, melons, and sweet apricot. On the palate enjoy juicy bursts of pineapple followed by green apple, pear, and honey. No it isn't a sweet wine, rather off-dry to ones palate. However, juicy enough to satisfy your winter woes and quench thirst all year long.

Kindra is an old soul with a love for discovering new things. Her high-energy, work ethic, and disarming personality are a perfect pairing for her newest venture as a wine company. A Richmond, Virginia native and current resident in DC’s Wine Country, Kindra is a visionary, a creative, and an equal opportunity entrepreneur.

Kindra is a Business Consultant, Author of Conquering the Emotional Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship, Founder of Purpose WorX, and she serves on Fifty Leven™ professional and community boards.

Unlike most wine professionals, Kindra did not enter the industry with formalized training in wine. Through mentorship, endless hours of research, and a desire to share a collection of approachable varietals & blends with an underserved consumer group, she learned the business and Fifty Leven™ was launched.

Online wine retailer Fifty Leven is the first Black-owned wine company in Loudoun County, Virginia, and the company’s name derives from a Black American colloquialism that means abundance. Kindra Dionne created the company in early 2021 after noticing that people of color at networking events she attended didn’t drink all of the table wine. After delving deeper into her observations, she discovered that people of color often have a different palate and sensitivity to acid levels and tannins in conventional wine, so she sought to create blends that would appeal to a larger demographic. Dionne has partnered with veteran Loudoun winemaker Fabbioli Cellars to create a collection of five wines that are each dedicated to a period of her life. Two of the wines in the collection are Dulce Zaiya, a dry and slightly sweet wine named after her daughter, and Vibranium, a red dessert wine that symbolizes strength, power, and encouragement. In the future, Dionne plans to add additional varietals to the collection.

Fifty Leven™ is a lifestyle brand for the professional, the innovator, and the boss who lives in their own lane. Fifty Leven™ represents a new generation aspiring wine enthusiasts who are open to explore and learn their own palate.

Kindra’s mission is to offer Fifty Leven™ Wine options for people who want to enjoy wine that is luxurious and fun at the same time.

100% Petite Manseng

13.7% ABV