You'll Almost a Member! Here are somethings you should know before you join.
  • Joining The Wine Concierge wine club is FREE.  You will receive an $0.00 invoice. 
  • You will pay your yearly membership fee (only once) for the entire year and your annual subscription begins that day.
  • The Annual Clubs are designed for the wine lover who wants to pay one amount once a year and still have flexibility to select their favorite wines every quarter.
  • Annual members have the same benefits of other club members as well as Free shipping - NO BOTTLE MINIMUM, and 2 bonus bottles annually.
  • Wine lovers have a 6-bottle allocation of The Club or Premier Club.
  • Wine collections default: 
    • 6 bottles (combination of reds and whites) 
  • If you don't like the default wine collections, you can change it!  Customize your wine collection to your palate's delight.  If you like all reds, pick a red wines. Adjustments are made in your member page. Drink what you like! 
  • The Annual Club 6-Btl ( $576 once a year )
  • The Annual Premier Club 6-Btl ( $799 once a year )