The Wine Concierge Exclusive IMPORTER'S CORNER

The Wine Concierge customers and members explore the world’s finest, underrepresented, boutique wine brands, minority and women winemakers, producers and woman-owned brands. Enjoy even more, with our newest collaboration wine subscription exclusively with wines from Red Wolf Imports. The Importer's Corner Wine Subscription is one of a kind...get it like you brought it directly home from the vineyard yourself.

About Alyssa & Red Wolf Imports

Alyssa Wolf founded Red Wolf Imports in 2015 after a trip to South Africa. Realizing that US wine drinkers were missing out on some of South Africa's best, she set out to change that.

The Red Wolf portfolio is drawn from regions that are “underrepresented” in the wine world. In other words, wines that deserve to be a lot more popular than they already are. These regions offer honest wines that offer not only incredible value, but are also mindful of contemporary accountability, and leaders in sustainable wine and spirits production.

Alyssa’s passion for the beverage industry goes beyond sharing amazing wine and spirits with US wine drinkers. As a lifelong New York Jets fan she loves rooting for the underdog. Red Wolf Imports gives her the opportunity to support small businesses around the world: whether helping wineries gain access to the US market, or independent distributor partners to expand their portfolios, or providing boutique retailers with unique sustainably made wines to share with their customers.


Alyssa Wolf (she/her) - Owner Red Wolf Imports


Importer's Corner

Spring 2024 Wine Subscription

Spring is just around the corner! To kick off this amazing selection of exclusive wines, The Wine Concierge and Red Wolf Imports are featuring not only four wines full of fresh, lush flavors, but they are all representative of the pioneering efforts and passions of women in the industry.

The Spring subscription highlights wines either owned, produced or made by women in honor of Women's History Month.

Remember, once you sign up, your four wines will arrive at your doorstep each quarter. Your subscription box will include wine and food pairing suggestions, wine information and exclusive details and stories from Alyssa's personal relationships with these producer's, giving you a more in-depth look at why they are so special and why we had to share them with you!

Here's a sneak peak around the corner!

Quinta Do Ferro

Quinta Da Devesa

Kaapzicht Vineyards

Casa Cadaval Estate Vineyards

Importer's Corner Subcription Details Recap:

  • A quarterly allocation of four wines. (Winter-December, Spring-March, Summer-June, and Fall-September).
  • Each quarter you’ll receive four bottles hand selected by Red Wolf Imports and The Wine Concierge.
  • Our favorites, imported only from Red Wolf, are wines that are not widely available elsewhere. You won’t see these on the everyday store shelves.
  • Detailed info on each winery. We’re not just talking basic wine and grape details, but Alyssa’s personal experience with the wineries and the people who own them, along with food pairing suggestions, included with each shipment.
  • Automatically receive a 15% discount on non-club wine purchases online with The Wine Concierge.
  • An exclusive members only virtual tasting with Alyssa from Red Wolf.
  • Your 4-bottle subscription starts at $75.00 per quarter. Accounts are billed at the time of shipment.
  • The option to add just two more bottles to your box and qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

    It's FREE to join. Members may pause, skip or cancel wine membership at anytime without penalty.