NV Grappoli Rosso, Lombardia, IGP Provincia di Pavia, Italy

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Ruby red. Intensely vinous. Dry, clean, flowing and balanced. Soft, supple tannin, but dry. Lingering elegant finish.

In the Region of Lombardia is a community of IGP producers making wine with with a bit more varietal freedom, although still strict about grape quantities, and other production requirements. The vineyards in the surrounding communities of Pavia are some of the oldest in Italy. The winemakers, farmers and families all work together to bring the best of the land to your table. They have a deep pride for the quality of the fruits of their labors. As well, enough history, experience and talent to bring you something delightful and delicious at a cost where you may afford to maintain enjoying it. 

So, go ahead, while the picking is ripe!