The 125 Collection

Rich Auntie Vibes

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Step up your auntie game with this candle that screams RICH AUNTIE VIBES. You'll feel like a boss with every burn, radiating pure confidence and success. Whether you're an actual auntie, just like the finer things in life, or simply appreciate the vibe, light up this candle and bask in its energy!

Relatable Luxury Quote candles by The 125 Collection are created to inspire, empower and entertain. With approximately 80 hours of burn time, our candles are made with a vegan soy wax and a lead-free, cotton wick. Produced with premium fragrance oils created by a top perfumer in NYC. 

Jar size: 13.5 oz Wax fill: 12 oz Height: 4.25 inches Diameter: 3.25 inches Burn time: Approximately 80 hours