1998 Quinta Dos Pesos Carcavelos Fortified, Portugal

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 This is a special fortified wine, in limited availability, most sought after and produced as one of the finest styled wines, rarely known. It is from Portugal, and every drop expresses the passions and love of the land which went into making it.  Like the 1996, this 1998 is terrific, somewhere between a 20 year Tawny Port and a zesty Verdelho Madeira in style. It's richer and nuttier than the '96, with more notes of chocolate, caramel and toasted nuts, but still has energy from dark cherry fruit and citric acidity to drive through a long, flowing, finish. Unique and completely delicious.

Carcavelos is the smallest wine appellation in Portugal, one of the country's great Vinhos Generosos and perhaps its rarest wine. Its vineyards were nearly consumed by suburban development during the late 20th century. Today, only 25 protected hectares remain. Carcavelos is considered one of Portugal's most famous fortified wines - on par with Porto, Madeira and Moscatel de Setúball.

Today, Carcavelos is amongst the rarest of wines.  In keeping with tradition, a mixture of white (Arinto, Gallego Dourado, Ratinho, Rabo do Ovelha) and red grapes (João Santarem, Espadeiro Tinto) were co-fermented and aged in cask for many years with only a few vintages being released. Winemaking operations ceased in 2005 because of M. Bullosa's untimely passing. The remaining wines continued their long slumber in barrel until 2018, when they were blended and bottled. Carcavelos is a "vinho generoso" or strong fortified wine, produced from a blend of up to nine different white and red varieties 500ml bottle.

You could pour this fortified blend, quite chilled, 2-3 oz pours. Once opened the bottle will keep 4-6 months when stored between 55-62 degrees (away from fluctuating heat or warm temps). A basement, cool, dark pantry. Keeps indefinitely unopened in a cool, dark place.