Silver MYn

2022-2023 Silver Myn Cabernet Franc Rose, Stellenbosch, South Africa

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Silver Myn Rosé is a 100% Cabernet Franc wine from the slopes of Stellenbosch's Simonsburg Mountain in South Africa. It has a pale salmon color and a dry finish. The aroma is a complex mixture of fresh red fruit  The wine is crisp on the entry but rounded in the mid palate with an explosion of red berry flavours on the finish, such as fresh raspberries and cranberries with a touch of mango. Beautiful winter close wine, leading full, fresh flavor into spring and summer.

Silver MYn wines come from the Zorgvliet Estate in Banghoek Valley, a small subregion just 4 miles outside of Stellenbosh. The area is home to dangerously steep land and you can still find leopards in the mountains. Grapes are grown on the dangerously steep slopes of Simonsberg Mountain in vineyards that are among the highest in Stellenbosch. You can even still find leopards in the mountains. The folks at Zorgvliet can handle it, though. In fact Zorgvliet, pronounced ‘Sorg-fleet’ means ‘no worries’.