2022 Netzl Chardonnay, Carnuntum, Austria

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The combination of exotic fruit and spice fragrances, such as sliced apple and a touch of hazelnut really grab your attention. This envelopes juicy pear, fresh limes, on the palate  pushed to the fore by a pleasant acid structure, in perfect balance between the rich density of mouthfeel and the zippy, freshening, lemony acids.  Flavors of Anjou pear and Golden Delicious apple are joined by a tiny hint of pink grapefruit and lovely accents of rounded white tree fruit that builds with air.  There is a creamy and long-lasting finish - a classic, with a generous, lightly dusty, finish, this is terrific all-purpose cool weather white!

As a distinctive, unmistakable origin, CARNUNTUM forms the basis of all our wines.

These origins, the soils, our vineyards & grapes and of course we humans with our passion and our craft shape our wines!

Carnuntum, now a designated growing DAC in Austria, once, a Roman town of geolical and climatic origin. On the rolling hills of the Arbesthal ridge, our vines grow and mature in the distinctive locations of Carnuntum. The nearby Danube and the warm Pannonian lowlands around Lake Neusiedl, characterize our region. The warm air flows from the east lead to high ripeness of the grapes and the cool winds from the north (especially during the night) preserve the freshness, fruit and spice - a unique combination for our characteristic wines. Therefore it is our goal - as a member of the Austrian traditional wineries - to work with the characteristics of the individual vineyards and to highlight them in our wines. Only the names of the best sites for the typical Carnuntum varieties may adorn our label.

Our personal goal is to let the grapes ripen with particular attention to their origin, the soils and the climate and to reflect this in the wines through the most gentle vinification possible.

Our job as a winemaker?
Strengthen the vines and create perfect conditions for our grapes year after year.
Accompany and listen to the wines. Support them without wanting to change them.

With this philosophy, we cultivate and care for our 28 hectares of vineyards all year round - the top priority is the organic management of our vineyards - out of respect for nature and also for the people who work with us.

The warm, gentle slope of the Altenberg with its gravel soil allows our Chardonnay grapes to ripen very well. At night, the entire site cools down considerably due to the cool soil and the nearby forest, and the acidity and freshness of the berries are retained. Haidacker is the foothills of the Schüttenberg and Rosenberg and brings the ripe fruit to our Chardonnay through its warm loess soil.